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Best regards from germany

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mardi 06 mai 2014 à 22:30:53     
hi I registered here to share my upcoming projects with you and also get inspiration from some of yours .

I'm in phase changes since 29.04.2005 but have kept it as a hobby and had long breaks
my home community is before it was .net we now have both domains but it's running on .de may you have heard about us some guys are kind of crazy with 4 and 5 stages (5 stage is rip but some parts are reused in my projects )

I spend more time of the past 10 years with benching then phase changes and i want to return so those systems are build to be benched

here a Small list what I'm planning to build is

1. Project

2 Stage "silence" phase change in 2 600mm leCuck cases which will be screwed together
-1 stage Sc21 12plate heat-exchanger
-2 stage aspere nek2150, iceman evap,

2 Project

3 Stage with
-1 stage 56cm³ Mitsubishi rotary or Danfoss Mtz40 r404a or r402a depends on high pressure side
-2 stage 33 or 36cm³ rotary with r1150
-3 stage 20-23 cm3 rotary with r14

3. Project
is at least a strong 2 stage phase change with
Condenser is from a sc21 twin
-1 stage 33-40cm² depends what is left in the shelf
-2 stage 28cm² this is not final


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mardi 06 mai 2014 à 22:36:20     
Welcome here

I'm curious about the second project, 56 cc, it can only be good
I have similarly displacements on my three-stages, what temperatures are you expecting ?

About the 5 stages one, isn't those two germans guys who actually hit the -170°C barrier ?

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mardi 06 mai 2014 à 23:57:48     
actually they produced ln2 so if we accept this as ok it`s -196 ^^

i have to admit that we prefer to work with m³/h because this is the size we can calculate with from coolpack

there are some changes in the last stage it will be about 28-33cm³ because i think r1150 goes very deep so i need a high volumetric rate

i never got why you're using a small sc21 in your 1# stage ? is it realy strong enough in a full load scenario ?

and i hate btu ... its such a American sizing it doesn't really tell my anything about the compressor it self because you never know the temperature where the factory measured there btu or do we ?

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