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GPU cooper, steeper Ln2/DI containers

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samedi 26 décembre 2009 à 14:49:53     

I got question if I would be able to make couple of containers to cool ATI5970 single card . I answer "yes" and that's what I've done .

Containers are 100% cooper, made in old "plumber-brazing" style , but I've said mine client that that won't be anything special, and price is low . Of course they'll fit most of cards avalible on market, not only 5970 .

They use 42mm diam/41mm tall cooper steeper core in base with some holes drilled . Containers have 42mm diameter and they're approx. 200mm tall .

Mounting plate and backplate are stainless steel.

Insulation is 19mm thick .

That's photo together with mine CPU steeper cooper container .

With Kindest Regards

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