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Mine first liquidcooled SS

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samedi 29 août 2009 à 01:36:41     

It's mine first liquidcooled SS . Very simple unit, medium size rotary compressor and plate HX (20 plates) . R507 freon .

Member of this forum ordered it because he got already in house chiller made from AC unit producing around +5C liquid . So can get a nice boost .

Specs :
Compressor:TECO KETC176ELBC-A
Evap: Steeper 40mm tall/42 mm diam., enclosure for all newest CPUs, 80 cm braided DN10 suction line (with stainless steel mesh)
XV: captube 0.9 mm
Condensor: plate HX (20 plates)
Refrigerant : R507
Case : Wooden baseplate, painted on red color
Safety : Johnson Controls hermetic cut-off (can be useful when coolant flow will be suddenly cut off)
Others: Two handles to comfortable move of unit, "quick" nipples for 12/16mm hoses

I decided to mount quite nice working and looking "quick" nipples .

I always test it in +16C water (direct flow from instalation in house), owner told that he plan to use it with +5C water so that should give small temperature boost also .

First try.

Final unloaded (using +16*C coolant).

That was on 260W dummyload using +16*C coolant. Finally I've added bit more R507 for "safety" and temperature is like -44*C@260W after 1 hour test.

Best Regards

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jeudi 22 novembre 2012 à 10:43:12     
i realy like this forum. its so nice and informative.

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