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lundi 24 décembre 2007 à 23:31:49     

It's cascade and's ..not black . I have convinced mine very kind client to resign from very boring for me black color . He choosed blue . About hue of this blue - it's mine own choose, orginal name of powder paint is "ultramarine blau" .

Tech of that cascade is bit ordinary and boring again - just two rotaries, plate HX,4 REFCO gauges, plate HX, Danfoss TXV and R507/R1150 .

Specs :

compressors: TECO KETC176 on 1st stage (10755 BTU), LG 164PAB on 2nd stage (10000 BTU)
evap: steeper
XV: Danfoss TS2 / captube 0.9 mm
HX: plate HX , 12 plates
condenser: 3.0 Kw, alu-cu, cooled by 300mm/230V fan
refrigerants : R507/R1150
oilseparator : Shine Year automatic
safety : Danfoss KP5 cut-off, around 1.5 litre expansion tank
case : metal case, 60 x 45 x 40 cm, "ultramarine blau" powder coating
others: 4*REFCO panel gauges, ANACONDA shocks absorber on 1st stage's suction line,Dixell XR20CX controller (turn on 2nd stage automatically when 1st stage is enought cold), homemade receiver before Danfoss TS2, 4* NIDEC 120mm fans on the back wall of case.

Condensor is bit modded, becasue even in quite big, 40 cm tall case is too small space to mount huge condensor and panel gauges without colision .

First I don't have POE oil to prefill oilseparator . So I had brazed what I could, and then pour oil and made 3 last connections .

Electrics already done .

It's ...1st stage in 6*C ambient. Dixell work till sth like -59*C only, so it's out of it's rate .

Some frost with temporary insulation .

First 2nd stage run at 6*C ambient .

After first test I had got problems with 2nd stage ..low side was sth like +0.5 bara, hiside 4-5 bara :eek: (OMG what low) and cascade can hold 225W even with -80*C :eek: . So I've changed 2nd stage compressor for LG (at begining at this place had been Toshiba), 2nd stage captube, driers, and ...finally oilseprator . Yes, problem was with oilseparator, which had been releasing some hot gas from discharge line directly to suction side, all the time . So broken float :shakes: . After changing oilsep for seconds pcs cascade works You can see lower .

I must regulate TXV superheat screw a bit, becasue 2nd stage still fell lower than -60*C and Dixi had just turned mine 2nd stage down (when it runs with "P1" failure for longer time) .

Now "better " .

Under 225W load in 6*C ambient = -101*C .

2nd stage under load .

Leak testing with mine favourite "Amasan" leak finder spray .

I've sticked almost whole 15 meters roll armaflex sticky tape there .

I must use some plastic tape, because normal insulation was too thick to mount case with 120 mm x 38 mm fans on back wall .

Same reason is for thiner insulation on 2nd stage compressor's acumulator .

Inside of case .

As You can see condensor is big . If I look at that picture on my mind comes thinks about big from mount intercooler in tunned cars (I know - I'm sick ) - way bigger than hole in bumper . Same about that condensor (but hole is in case) .

That is what I have been thinking when I say about tricky job to fit condensor and gauges .

Nidec Beta V 120 x 38 mm 12V fans .

Transport from workshop to home .

First run in house, in 20*C ambient .

Temperatures of 2nd and 1st stage after tuning for load like 250+ wats .

On 225W dummyload after 30 minutes . I could tunned it for temperature around -98*C@225W in 20*C ambient, but I prefer to be sure that it'll cope with 250+W load good.

On 225W dummyload after 2 hours (and temperatures didn't rise in 3rd hour) .

1st stage temperature under 225W on evap .

Before closing ...

Cascade with stuff needed for proper using it .

One sunday, around midday, cascade was picked up . From left : Jens (Musicismylife), Hoshi and Masterchorch (all of them are XS forum members) .

They have traveled around 600km to pick up cascade .

After short test, I was cleaning evaporator .

Luckilly they traveled by combi car .

And one movie on youtube showing pulldown of 1st stage, and whole cascade :

With Kindest Regards

Message édité par piotres le lundi 24 décembre 2007 à 23:32:52


Messages : 369

mardi 25 décembre 2007 à 13:29:57     
Today I can add, that this project has won in competition for best worklog on XS forum .

aka metalazzo | Anti²Bug
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mardi 25 décembre 2007 à 18:26:49     
nice work piotres
600km is a long travel for a cascade in a car

Messages : 369

dimanche 30 décembre 2007 à 00:56:13     
Some OC using the cascade :yeah: :

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