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Minsk XTReme mkII (-13*C @ 605W)

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jeudi 04 octobre 2007 à 22:56:18     

That's chiller for mine good friend PMP . He want to cool using it whole config like :QX CPU (QX6850ES now), 2* 8800 ULTRA, Asus Striker mobo - as You can see quite hot stuff . That's second edition of his chiller, first was build on smaller aspera compressor, and small condensor and just can't cope with so huge load :-/ . So I decided to built it completelly new.

Name of chiller is taken from legendary (in Poland) russian refrigerator .

Specs :

compressor: Rotary 6826 BTU
heat exchanger: plate HX 12 plates
XV: Danfoss TS2 + Frigomec 0.88l receiver
condensor: 1.9kW cooled by orginal 230V fan
refrigerant : R134a (finally)
case: metal case 46 x 46 x 46 cm, black powder coating
others: electronic controller Dixell XR20C, one 230V fan 250mm on the back of case, Laing D5 pump, Swiftech small reservoir.

Laing D5 + Swiftech res. .

Around -30*C with no-load on pure R507 .

Power consumption when chiller is cooling liquid , as You can see on pic rotary musn't be so hungy .

-13*C liquid on 605W heater . Pure R507.

Finish .

Chiller has been on one polish ocer meeting in Gdansk . There is had been cooling Asus Striker mobo, liquid was around -25*C all the time .

But condensation with R507 was too big, liquid was just WAY too cold :ROTF: . So decision to try R507 and 134a blend. Temp on 605W load with that blend.

But for was too cold still :shocked: . So finally I put pure R134a, temperatures are like +2*C@605W . :yepp:

I hope that owner will post some pics here in future .


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