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David's naked cascade

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dimanche 19 août 2007 à 09:24:22     

I want to show You one or mine next cascades - this time it's simple 2 stager without any gadgets - just metal baseplate and 2 rotaries .

Specs :

compressors: Toshiba PG180-X1C on 1st stage (11000 BTU) and TECO KETC176ELBC-A on 2nd stage (10755 BTU)
evap: steeper, 40 mm tall
XV: Danfoss TES2 / captube 0.9 mm
HX: Plate HX, 12 plates
condenser: double condensor, 2 x 2 rows condensors, cooled by 4 x 120/38mm mm high flow fans (NBM and Sunon)
refrigerants : R507/R1150
oilseparator : ESK Schultze with automatic oil back
safety : RANCO cut-off
case : Steel zincked baseplate - 50 x 35 cm
others: LCD HX out temperature display, 2 gagues - on both stages' discharge, wheels for baseplate, 28 mm thick insulation on suction line

First I've tried captube 0.8mm on 1st stage, but discharge on this stage goes over 22 bara when I load 2nd stage evap with 225W .....

..... so I decide to swap it for Danfoss TES2 TXV .

Now pressure is 14-16 bara all the time, even with 225W load . Near -56*C 1st stage unloaded .

Small LCD thermo made around 5*C mistake, as always .

No load final charge.

225W load .

Cascade is ready for shipping, but I've problems with contact with mine french customer - He just hasn't answer on my mails . I hope that will change soon.


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