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NEW Single-stage temperature record by piotres : -93.1*

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mercredi 14 mars 2007 à 01:51:51     

That's SS for one nice guy from this forum - Pepinorang ...first He had planned to buy Mach2/Vapo LS, later plan to order 1/3 HP SS from one builder in France and ...finally 3/4 HP (9000 BTU) SS with CPEV from me .

That's first time I've mounted CPEV near evaporator (CPEV outlet is connected by 10 cm, 5 mm OD pipe with evap). In that way CPEV works much better, reaction for tunning is much faster and pulldown time too .

No case, only metal baseplate, my customer said that He'll make case from plexi by himself .
Freezepack controller (by GSMaster) and suction pressure gauge, are extras which customer really wanted .

Unit beat mine "old" record with single (-88.1*C) - it has made -93.1*C .

Specs :

Compressor: Sanyo C-1RV137H11AA
evap: steeper by piotres
XV: CPEV Fach "PZ" mounted near evaporator head
condenser: 2 row, alu-cu, cooled by 4*120 mm NBM 12V fans
Refrigerant : R507/R410a blend
Baseplate : 49 x 35 cm zincked plate baseplate
others: REFCO low side gauge, FreezePack controller (by GSMaster)

Suction line together with polish CPEV .

When freezeControler arrived .

First run ...and fighting for the COLDEST temperatures on evap (completelly closed CPEV) . RESULT : -93.1*C (that's now not WR , becasue Symphy has beat me with -94.4*C but with single-stage 2.5 HP build by me ) .

On 223W dummyload.

On 202W dummyload.

On 115W dummyload. As you can see -54*C in freezer's limit . Eg. real -54 = -54 on LCD, but eg. -60 real = still -54 on LCD, -65 real = -54 LCD etc. .

Some tests on Conroe E6700es ..4+ Ghz/1.6V = lower that -60*C on evap in full stress .

and finally well packed .

Happy benching Pepinorang .



Moine tibétin
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mercredi 14 mars 2007 à 02:44:15     
Your job seems awesome, one more time
We're bored, each time it's the same quality... no suprises

Message édité par kipkool le mercredi 14 mars 2007 à 02:44:34

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mercredi 14 mars 2007 à 06:17:55     
Beautiful work once more

Massacre a la carotte
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mercredi 14 mars 2007 à 11:51:56     
nice unit again Piotres , great work

Méchant Vieux Râleur
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mercredi 14 mars 2007 à 12:48:24     
-55 / +125°C IC limitation , that's so dumb

Benou lover <3
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mercredi 14 mars 2007 à 21:29:46     
One more time : What's the use of getting -93° , CPEV totaly closed? I think we all know that rotary are very strong in vaccum . And the new record seem "normal" (for you) as you used a blend of R410A / R507c (the old record was done with R507 only as I remember)

Anyway the results are very good, once loaded

Message édité par Clemmaster le mercredi 14 mars 2007 à 22:34:46

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mercredi 14 mars 2007 à 22:18:28     
you have PM

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jeudi 15 mars 2007 à 19:26:19     
Hi guys, in the end of the month i will post some pics with a new inox case made by me and some results with a QX6700 step 7 b3 and one step 4 b0 ES...

Message édité par pepinorang le jeudi 15 mars 2007 à 19:30:01

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lundi 09 juillet 2007 à 19:46:37     
Hi guys,

This unit have 3 WR in his possession and soon 1 more also it is now in sell as you can see here : [VDS]Dod by Piotres -93,1°/-54° sur QX6800@5G/1,81v


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